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Davon “Shadowcat” Amos-Hall won Pokkén Tournament DX at the Pokémon Players Cup Finals. While the matches were pre-recorded, The Pokémon Company broadcast all matches from August 15 – 16.

Shadowcat kicked off the bracket dominantly, defeating France’s No. 1 player, Kira “Kira FR” Peniquad, 3-0. However, he was faced with a greater challenge upon reaching Winners Semis. There, he narrowly overcame Fabian “Fabilous” Zahn, another European player. Ultimately, Shadowcat beat Fabilous 3-2 and advanced into Winners Finals.

Interestingly, Shadowcat had another dominant showing in Winners Finals, steamrolling Alexis “Deity Light” Sims 3-0. Of course, his final opponent proved to give him a much more competitive set. In Grand Finals, Shadowcat edged out Jacob “Jukem” Waller, winning their set 3-2. As a result, Shadowcat earned the title of the Pokkén Players Cup Finals champion.

The Finals marked the culmination of the Pokémon Players Cup for Pokkén Tournament DX. Its eight competitors earned their spots through qualifier events throughout the summer. The finalists included four players from North America, three from Europe (including the Invitational champion), and one from Oceania. Pokémon Sword and Shield’s VGC series will conclude with its Finals next week.

Other results from the Pokkén Tournament DX Players Cup Finals

Jukem put on a fantastic performance on his road to 2nd place at the Pokkén Tournament DX Players Cup Finals. He kicked off his bracket by upsetting No. 2 seed Niklas “Wingtide” Laerbusch, winning the set 3-2. Previously, Wingtide beat Jukem on his way to winning the Pokkén Players Cup Invitational, where he qualified for this tournament in the first place.

Immediately after beating Wingtide, Jukem lost to Deity Light 1-3. However, his losers run saw him beat Kira FR 3-1 and Fabilous 3-0. Impressively, Jukem managed to win his runback against Deity Light 3-2 in Losers Finals. However, his run came to an end after a hard-fought, five-game battle against Shadowcat in Grands.

As the Invitational champion, Wingtide was potentially one of the favorites to win at the Pokkén Players Cup Finals. However, he only won a single set over the Australian representative Antony “Antwerp” Di Placido. Meanwhile, Wingtide suffered upset losses at the hands of Jukem and Fabilous. Notably, Fabilous also beat Johnny “SoulGuitarist” Kane en route to a 4th place finish.

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