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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta has concluded, and now the community is forced to wait for the full launch of the game. Luckily, some data miners are helping to pass the time by leaking some information they discovered within the PC game files.

The game files usually house content that hasn’t arrived in the game yet. And since the MW2 beta only showed us a handful of the content that will be available at launch, there’s likely a plethora of unseen content within the game files. One data miner was able to dig into the files and confirm that some fan-favorite weapons are currently in place for Modern Warfare 2.

During the beta, we saw a solid variety of weapons in every class. While some players might have wanted to see more, developer Infinity Ward likely wanted to save some of the weapons so fans could see them for the first time on launch night. Of course, data miners don’t follow that same agenda.

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 weapons

A specific miner by the name of @ModenasHD has been teasing several weapons over the past two weapons that they’ve apparently found within the Modern Warfare 2 game files. It’s impossible to verify if these leaks are accurate, but this particular data miner has accurately predicted Call of Duty content in the past.

Among the weapons that ModenasHD found in the game files are:

  • Honeybadger (assault rifle)
  • SPR (marksman rifle)
  • Bryson-800 (pump shotgun)
  • MCPR-300 (sniper rifle)
  • TAQ-56 battle rifle and sniper rifle variants
  • MK14 (battle rifle)
  • AUG variants (assault rifle, submachine gun, light machine gun)

Out of all of the weapons on this list, many fans will likely be most excited by the Honeybadger. This classic assault rifle was originally introduced in COD Ghosts, and it was immediately a fan favorite. The AR has an integrated suppressor, similar to the Fennec, and is known to be deadly accurate. The data miner is also predicting that the AUG will make a return in several variants and the TAQ-56, which was an AR in the beta, will have more variants coming in the full game.

Of course, this isn’t all of the new weapons that will arrive in the final build of Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward still has some surprises in store, so fans will have to wait and see what weapons are available when the game launches on Oct. 28.

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