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Remember when Wizards of the Coast accidentally leaked a bunch of Bob Ross-themed lands on Magic: The Gathering Arena? Turns out that was real. WotC released details about the collection earlier on Tuesday, delightfully called Happy Little Gathering. The Bob Ross Secret Lair is part of a larger release that is planned for the Secretversery Superdrop. Artist Series: Seb McKinnon and Secret Lair: A Box of Rocks have also been announced for the Superdrop.

The Happy Little Gathering will include twelve lands, all featuring signature Bob Ross artwork. Each basic land type — Forest, Island, Mountain, Plains, and Swamp — will have two copies with different artwork. Bob Ross art piece Evolving Wilds is also included in the set.

Bob Ross, for those who have not experienced his work, was an American painter and host of the television show The Joy of Painting. The show ended in 1994 but developed a cult-following thanks to Ross’ soothing, ASMR-like show. There is even a Bob Ross Twitch channel that airs episodes on a regular basis.

Magic: The Gathering Bob Ross

“While there weren’t a lot of options for swamps, there were some obvious choices. The island, mountain, and forest choices were plentiful,” Wizards of the Coast Sr. Creative Art Director Tom Jenkot told Vice’s Motherboard. “I did have to cheat a little with one of the plains by zooming in on the painting.”

Lands are the basis of any Magic deck (except for Manaless Dredge, but no one plays that deck anymore), and having foil Bob Ross themed lands will be on every collector’s wish list. Players looking to pick up this Secret Lair need to check out the Secret Lair page from November 30 to December 14. Preorders will only be available for a limited time, so players have to act fast.

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