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Season 1 of Apex Legends dropped just a little over an hour ago and the data-mining has already begun. We have already seen some very exciting new stuff, like a Level 200 badge, a promotional image for the recently leaked L-Star weapon, and even a photo of Octane riding a giant flying beast. Let’s quickly go over all of the assets that prominent Apex leaker Shrugtal has already discovered:

Level 200 Badge

Many artists in the community have recently been sharing their own concepts for a possible Level 200 badge. Everyone wants to see the level cap raised and everyone wants to know what it’ll look like when it does.

Shrugtal may have discovered an asset in the game files that already shows us an official look.

We aren’t sure if this badge is for a raised level cap, or if it’s a badge for a Level 200 on the Battle Pass. All we know is that it’s in the game files for a reason.

The L-Star

Another item that has been the subject of many leaks in recent weeks is the L-Star weapon. We have seen many different variations since the gun was first found alongside the Havoc Energy Rifle. It seems that promotional art for the gun has now finally been discovered.

According to Shrugtal, the gun is expected to be released “later in Season 1.” A full damage profile of the weapon can be found on Rez.gg. We’ve included a snapshot for you below:

Leaked legends

According to Shrugtal, all of the legends that had recently been leaked are now gone from the game files. The only asset from those files that remains is a photo of the legend allegedly named Rose:

Shrug also speculated that Octane has been “ready for a long time” and actually had his voice lines recorded alongside the original 8 legends.


This next one is possibly the most exciting asset that’s been found.

Shrugtal found a beautiful banner art of new legend Octane… RIDING A GIANT FLYING BEAST! Does this mean anything for the game? Is King’s Canyon about to be invaded by flying monsters? Or is this just a unique way for Respawn to promote the game’s new content? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Update: Shrugtal is now claiming that these beasts are going to be featured in a new update. They will be seen flying around randomly in King’s Canyon. He isn’t sure if players will be able to interact with the monsters but he speculates that the banner art implies so.

What do you think about the leaks so far? What do you want to see added to the game that we haven’t seen yet? Let us know in the comments below! For all future Apex content, stay tuned to our Apex Legends page.

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