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The Week 9 challenges have arrived in Fortnite Season 2, and this batch involves the Midas Battle Pass skin. Named “Midas’ Mission,” players can complete nine challenges for 40,000 XP each. This XP can help those who are still working towards the golden Battle Pass skins. However, with Fortnite Season 2 being extended, there’s now ample time to do so. But if you’re still wanting some easy XP, we suggest following our guide to this challenge: “Search Midas’ Golden Llama between a junk yard, gas station and an RV campsite.”

Where to find Midas’ golden llama in Fortnite

If you know where to search, then this is perhaps the easier challenge in the Week 9 set. However, if you try randomly looking between all three locations, you could be wandering around the map for quite a while. Luckily, we know exactly where you need to search for the golden llama.

For starters, you’ll want to hop into a Team Rumble match. You can also start a regular game of Fortnite, but Team Rumble has respawns enabled, so this allows you to complete the challenge without fear of dying.

Next, make your way over to the island directly east of Frenzy Farm. Landing here is the simplest way, but you can also gear up and traverse your way over. Once you’re at the island, head to the far eastern bridge to find a small building. Enter this building, look on the wall near the door, and there will be the golden llama.

Fortnite Golden llama challenge

You don’t have to do anything special upon finding the llama. Simply stand near it, and this Week 9 challenge is complete! 40,000 XP will be awarded to your Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass automatically.

That’s it for this Week 9 challenge guide! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and future guides.

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