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It seems like Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoiler season only ended yesterday, but already it’s time for Core Set 2020 spoilers. One of the earliest ones (and one I’m most excited for) is a brand new one mana tutor that promises to be powerful: Scheming Symmetry!

Scheming Symmetry | Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 spoilers


Scheming Symmetry is a sorcery for one black that asks you to target 2 players. Those 2 players (one most likely being you) then put any card they want from their library on top of their deck. A simple but powerful effect, getting any card from your deck to draw next turn is huge.

However, this card does have some major downsides. Unlike its cousin, Vampiric Tutor, it is not an instant. You have to wait a turn to get the card you tutored for, or have to have a way to draw it right away. In addition, your opponent gets to tutor too, and they’ll most likely get the card to exactly kill you or disrupt you. The best way to play it is by breaking the symmetry. Use cards that let you play it a bit earlier, say Experimental Frenzy or the new-to-Modern Future Sight. Or you could keep your opponent from searching with a card like Leonin Arbiter. Still though, in Eternal formats and in Standard it’s a tough card to play that requires building around.

The format where Scheming Symmetry really shines is Commander. You can easily play it politically, letting an opponent search for a card that deals with the board, or helping an opponent who’s behind. On top of it, tutors are extremely valuable in the format, and this will hopefully be a budget option for players (especially being a simple rare in a core set).

What do you think of Scheming Symmetry?What format do you think it’ll shine the most in? Let us know down in the comments below! Then stay tuned for more Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 spoilers!