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Samurai Shodown’s latest patch version 2.20 now available now live, bringing Hibiki Takane to the game along with other changes. Hibiki is a crossover character from The Last Blade 2.

Patch 2.20 changes

The patch notes outline a current issue with Hibiki and her moveset. She has an attack called Heavenly Being Blade. This attack currently allows her to counter Rage Explosions, projectiles and other moves from behind. An upcoming patch will resolve this,  so you probably shouldn’t implement these techniques into your Hibiki strategy.

Additional changes include a change to Jubei’s guard crush. Rage Explosions no longer cancel out the stun animation on guard crush. Basara’s jumping heavy slash gained an expanded horizontal hitbox. Kazuki’s Annihilating Flames now have reduced recovery frames for his opponent.

Hibiki Tanake history

Hibiki’s first appearance was as an original character in The Last Blade 2. The Last Blade 2 is an arcade fighting game released on NEO GEO machines in November 1998. The game was the last game in The Last Blade series. It came to Playstation 4 in 2015 and then updated with GGPO rollback netcode in 2020.

Hibiki would make one other fighting game appearance before her introduction into Samurai Shodown. She was one of the 48 characters featured in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001.

Hibiki is the second release for the Samurai Shodown season 3 character pass. Fan-favorite Cham Cham preceded her. Cham Cham is the sister of Samurai Shodown character Tam Tam. She first appeared in Samurai Shodown II. The next two characters have yet to be announced but will include a crossover character from the Guilty Gear series. With the addition of Hibiki the game now has 28 characters.

SNK also plans to announce the next character for The King of Fighter XV on April 28.

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