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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might be over, but creator Masahiro Sakurai has kept the love for the popular platform fighter alive with a screenshot of the game every day on Twitter. But this may soon come to an end too.

Sakurai has been sharing screenshots of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a “workday ritual” every. Single. Day. But now he is going to run out sometime in August, according to an upsetting tweet. Sakurai explained that he even took 20 new screenshots when he was wrapping up development of the game, “so it’s hard to believe they’re already gone.”

Said Sakurai: “Time sure does fly!”

Sakurai’s screenshots were more than just images of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They were always something clever or impressive, including the newest one: Wii Fit Trainer using her neutral air to appear as if she is doing a gymnastic jump off of Mr. Game & Watch’s life net. The screenshots showed Sakurai’s deep understanding of the characters as well as his love of the game, so it’s shocking to see it coming to an end.

Saukurai didn’t say how many screenshots were left, but there are less than 30 at this point if he is running out this month. Fans expressed sadness over Sakurai’s decision to end the daily tradition, with some even claiming he “stopped loving” the game. Others thanked him for filling their days with joy.

While the daily screenshots will be missed, it’s hard to disagree that Sakurai should take a break. The man has needed rest for years now, dealing with ongoing DLC speculations from the community and working without rest while creating the fighting game titles. For a while, Sakurai expressed that he couldn’t even talk about his favorite games or movies without players questioning if it was a hint at upcoming DLC fighters. Now, Sakurai can finally enjoy his rest, whether it’s petting his cat or riding a horse.

Here are some of Sakurai’s most recent screenshots:

It will be sad to see these screenshots come to an end, but there’s always adorable pics of his cat to look forward to.

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