Rostova Shops essence container location in MW3 Zombies
Rostova Shops essence container location in MW3 Zombies
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Rostova Shops essence container location in MW3 Zombies

Another essence container for you to find

The Act 2 mission “Essence of Aether” is one of the more confusing ones in the entirety of Call of Duty MW3 Zombies. You are required to find three different essence containers in specific locations, but those locations are not marked. One of the locations and essence containers you need to find is in Rostova Shops, which is not even a named POI in Zombies.

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Instead, Rostova Shops is located near another major POI, with the essence container sitting in a random building. Once you find the container, it’s as simple as interacting with it to complete the objective. You can see exactly where to find the Rostova Shops essence container in Zombies in the guide below.

Finding the Rostova Shops container for Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies

Rostova Shops is a small location directly southeast of Levin Resort in the northwest part of the map. While Levin Resort is always in the Low Threat Zone, Rostova Shops is found within the Medium Threat Zone, so you might want to come a little more prepared than just having some base weapons. You can find Rostova Shops in the building complex to the southwest of Legacy’s Fortress, as seen in the screenshot below.

The location of Rostova Shops. Screenshot by GuidingLight on YT

Here, you want to enter the bigger central building from the bottom floor and go to the northwest part of the offices. You’ll find the large essence container sitting on top of an office desk at the back of the room. Once you find it, simply hold the interact button near it and you will complete the Rostova Shops objective for the Essence of Aether mission.

The location of the Rostova Shops essence container. Screenshot via Upcomer

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With that essence container out of the way, you can go about finding the other two containers for Essence of Aether. If you’re struggling to find the Hamza Bazaar container specifically, you can check out my previous guide for where to locate that.

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