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The Essence of Aether mission is from Act 2 of Call of Duty MW3 Zombies and requires you to find three different essence containers spread across Urzikstan. One of those essence containers is in the Hamza Bazaar, but the game doesn’t tell you where to find that specific location or where the container is there.

The same is true for the other two essence containers as well, making this quite a difficult mission to complete. Luckily, I know exactly where to find the Hamza Bazaar essence container in MW3 Zombies, and you can check out the guide below for its location.

Finding the Hamza Bazaar container for Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies

Hamza Bazaar is a location that’s found directly south of Hadiqua Farms on the eastern side of the map. It’s a market with two distinct sides that’s always in the Low Threat Zone. You can see exactly where the Hamza Bazaar is in the screenshot below.

The location of Hamza Bazaar. Screenshot by RonJen1080 P on YT

Once you’re at the bazaar, you can find the essence container sitting on a desk in the middle kiosk of the market. This kiosk is centrally located between the two sides of the market and you can hop inside of it to find the essence container. All you have to do is hold the interact button near the container to complete the Hamza Bazaar part of the Essence of Aether mission in Zombies.

The location of the Hamza Bazaar essence container. Screenshot via Upcomer

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Your job now is to find the other two essence containers, which are located on different sides of the map. After those are located, you can move on to the next mission in Act 2 of MW3 Zombies.