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The 2022-23 season of the Rocket League Championship Series is in the midst of its final leg as the Spring Split has begun. Only a few more events stand between the best Rocket League teams in the world and the World Championship in August.

Over the next few months, Rocket League fans will have numerous events to watch based in numerous different regions as top players look to qualify for the season finale this summer. Here’s what you need to know about the Rocket League Spring Split schedule, format and broadcast.

Rocket League Spring Split 2023 schedule

The Rocket League Championship Series takes place across seven regions: Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe (EU), Oceania (OCE), South America (SAM), Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and North America (NA). Each region has three main events to look forward to over the course of the Split: an Open, a Cup and an Invitational. Then, the Split will culminate with an international Major featuring qualified players from every region.

Here are the key dates for every event in the Rocket League Spring Split schedule:

  • May 4-6: MENA Spring Open
  • May 5-7: NA Spring Open and OCE Spring Open
  • May 12-14: EU Spring Open, SAM Spring Open and SSA Spring Open
  • May 13-14: APAC Spring Open
  • May 18-20: MENA Spring Cup
  • May 19-21: NA Spring Cup and OCE Spring Cup
  • May 26-28: EU Spring Cup, SAM Spring Cup and SSA Spring Cup
  • May 27-28: APAC Spring Cup
  • June 1-3: MENA Spring Invitational
  • June 2-4: NA Spring Invitational and OCE Spring Invitational
  • June 9-11: EU Spring Invitational, SAM Spring Invitational and SSA Spring Invitational
  • June 10-11: APAC Spring Invitational
  • July 6-9: Spring Major

Spring Split format

Over the course of the season, teams compete in a mix of online and in-person competitions to earn points. Based on the points they earn compared to other teams in their region, teams will either directly qualify for the World Championship Main Event, qualify for the World Championship Wild Card last chance qualifier or be eliminated from the circuit altogether.

Each Spring Open will feature the top eight teams from that region when it comes to points on the RLCS leaderboards, along with eight teams from the Open Qualifiers. Similarly, the Spring Cups will feature eight teams from each region’s leaderboards and eight teams from Open Qualifiers. Finally, the Spring Invitationals will include the 16 teams with the most points in each region.

Every Split has a different format for its tournaments. The Spring Split format is one of the most straight-forward, as players who qualify for each Open, Cup, Invitational and Major will compete against each other in a basic 16-team double-elimination bracket.

How to watch the RLCS

RLCS 2022-2023 logo
The official logo for the 2022-23 RLCS season. | Provided by Rocket League Esports

All NA and EU RLCS tournaments are streamed on the primary Rocket League Twitch and Rocket League Esports YouTube channels, along with all of the international Majors. Meanwhile, every other region except for Sub-Saharan Africa has its own dedicated official Rocket League Twitch channel. As a result, you can watch every APAC, MENA, OCE and SAM event live on Twitch.

It’s also worth noting that every event in each region generally has a consistent start time. Here’s the schedule of start times for every region in the Rocket League Spring Split in Pacific Time:

  • APAC – 3 a.m. PT
  • EU, MENA and SSA – 8 a.m. PT
  • NA – 10 a.m. PT
  • OCE – 11 a.m. PT
  • SSA – 12 p.m. PT

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