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Rocket League Season 5 will begin on Nov. 17 and features a cosmic theme, Psyonix announced on Friday.

With a new arena, an alternate version of an existing limited-time-mode and a space-themed Rocket Pass, Rocket League fans can look forward to a bunch of new unlockables later this month. With Season 5, Psyonix seems to be breaking the pattern of a new arena with every even-numbered season, as only Season 2 and Season 4 brought new maps so far.

Rocket League Season 5 goes to space

The new Rocket Pass will begin on the same day as Rocket League Season 5. As usual, the premium version comes with a new vehicle: the Nexus, a former spaceship turned into a rocket-powered battle-car. This new car will have the Breakout hitbox. The rest of the Rocket Pass follows the same theme and even features a first-of-its-kind animated decal that changes based on your speed. The full pass is set to be revealed on Nov. 16.

With a space theme for Rocket League Season 5, the Starbase Arc map can’t be omitted. Psyonix has created an alternate look, called Starbase Arc (Aftermath), which was featured in the CGI reveal trailer. Along with the new Starbase arena, Psyonix will also introduce three new Rocket Labs maps: Barricade, Colossus and Hourglass. They have not yet revealed what these non-standard maps will look like, but the names are indicative of what unique quirks they may feature.

With the new Rocket Labs arenas, Rocket League Season 5 also brings alternate versions of existing limited-time modes. Heatseeker Ricochet will be part of the new Rocket Labs arenas to change up the gameplay of regular Heatseeker.

Season 4 rewards

Along with the Rocket League Season 5 announcement came the reveal for the rewards for Season 4. This season, players will receive wheels based on their highest rank. The initial reaction in the community to the wheels hasn’t been great. Not only do some believe the wheels are ugly and low-effort, but wheels are a common reward and players were hoping for something different. Season rewards are always a debate, but the negative feedback this time stands out. In the past, Psyonix changed season rewards based on the negative feedback, but with just a week to go before the next season, it is unlikely they will make any changes last minute.

Editor’s note: Psyonix corrected their patch notes, clarifying that the new Nexus car found in the Season 5 Rocket Pass Premium uses the Breakout hitbox. The article has been updated to reflect this.