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After 83 days, Season 10 is ending in Rocket League, making it the shortest-ever season by two days. With the end of the Ranked season comes season rewards, of course, and we’re once more getting goal explosions. Fortunately, unlike Season 7, we’re getting actual goal explosions for the different tiers, rather than just three differently coloured explosions bundled into several tiers. In fact, Grand Champions will earn a unique goal explosion on top of it all, something Psyonix hasn’t often done.

Soft reset incoming

We will also get another soft reset, which is a controversial move, to say the least. Much of the fan base is screaming for a hard reset, though they don’t really seem to know why, as this would not be a long-term solution. It would simply extend the problem of the growing percentage of players at the highest tiers of Rocket League and we would end up with the same problem again in a year or so.

Psyonix employee Devin Connors did reply to this complaint on reddit, though:

We’ve talked about this a bit on Twitter and in some replies on here, but I agree that we haven’t talked about it more specifically or visibly in a blog or similar. We are looking at some potential changes for Ranked to be implemented later this year, but we’re still working through potential changes and ideas. We’ve definitely heard the Champ and GC players and their want for some changes, but we want to make sure any changes we make benefit Competitive as a whole.

Other than the goal explosions and the soft reset, there isn’t much else new. Rocket League’s extra game mode titles such as Dunk Master, RNG Champ, Floor Destroyer, and Blizzard Wizard also make a return. All these rewards will of course require Rocket League players to get ten wins in their respective ranks or they will not unlock them.

Rocket League Season 10 ends on May 13, so you have a few more weeks to grind those rewards out. That same day will also introduce Season 11. How far did you get this season? Did you already unlock your reward and are you solely working on the Rocket Pass, or do you still have your sights set on a specific rank? Let us know in the comments below!

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