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Rocket League ranked season 8 is ending: what to expect next

The End of season 8

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The Rocket League competitive season 8 will end with the game’s next update. And as usual with the end of the season, there will be rewards for the highest rank achieved (and all the ranks below it). This season, having played in competitive playlists will reward you with a rocket boost for the first time since season 2. The players who reached Grand Champion will also be rewarded with the “Season 8 Grand Champion” title.

In the header graphic at top, you can see, from left to right: silver, champion, and gold.

While the date is yet to be confirmed, at least we know the end is in sight. Those who want to push for that final stretch to get as high as possible should do so now. There’s not a lot of time left.

Rocket League season 8
Left to right: bronze, diamond, platinum

Season 9 incoming

Of course, that’s not all. Season 9 will (most likely) start an hour after season 8 ends and will bring some long-awaited new modes. Previous casual playlists for different sports are finally given their own ranked playlists: Rumble, Dropshot, Hoops, and Snow Day, all 3v3 with the exception of Hoops, which is 2v2.

MMR will be separate from the Rocket League regular “soccar” ranked season, but your rank and wins will still contribute to your overall season reward. However, Psyonix considers additional rewards for those who put some more time in the extra modes, such as in-game titles.

With the addition of Ranked Extra Modes (formerly called Ranked Sports), Psyonix is permanently closing the doors of Casual Extra Modes to keep the player base from splitting too much. Those who prefer to play unranked can hide the ranked aspect to keep a more casual mindset. While this is good for the casual players, it may cause some annoyance for those who play Rocket League more seriously. A teammate who doesn’t fully commit in a ranked game is a frustration most players would rather avoid.

Nevertheless, it’s great to finally see the other modes finally turned into ranked playlists. Hopefully this will bring a resurgence to the modes, which felt fun to play but very unrewarding. On top of that, because it was casual, players were quick to leave the game once a goal was conceded, leaving their teammates with the very incapable bots. With forfeits and playlist bans, this will (hopefully) severely decrease.

What do you think of the new season rewards? What is your rank this season? Will you be playing the new modes? Let us know in the comments section!

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