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Rocket League goes free-to-play this summer

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This summer, anyone and everyone can play Rocket League for free. Psyonix announced today the game is finally moving to the Epic Games Store after the publisher acquired the studio last year. But that’s not all.

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Rocket League goes F2P and will introduce cross-platform progression

After many years of player requests, Rocket League will finally support cross-platform progression. Be it rank, Rocket Pass progression, or inventory, everything will be shared through your Epic Games Account, should you choose to create one and link it all together. The Steam version will still receive support, but once the move to Epic Games Store happens, new players will have to download it there.

Fans have asked for Rocket League to go free-to-play for a long time. There are many, however, that have concerns. What will this mean for the ranked ladder? How will this affect the not-insignificant smurfing problem? Unfortunately, Psyonix stayed mum on the finer details, but we can only hope it has put specific requirements in place to discourage higher-ranked players to create new accounts to dunk on lower ranks and newcomers to Rocket League.

What else is coming?

Besides going F2P and introducing cross-platform progression, Psyonix also announced both updated and completely new features. The core gameplay will remain the same, but menus, tournaments, and challenges will be getting a fresh lick of paint. Rumors divulge that the menu will follow the style of the Chinese version of Rocket League, though at this point no one can say for sure. What the changes and new features entail exactly, Psyonix will be sharing over the coming weeks.

What we do know, however, is that Psyonix will introduce new ranks beyond Grand Champion with this update as well.

Rocket League F2P Cosmos Boost

Those that already own Rocket League will be getting a few goodies before the game goes F2P. A neat-looking boost similar to the extremely rare and expensive Alpha Boost—which was awarded to those who played in the game’s alpha tests—will be a reward for anyone who has played an online match. And those that did so before this latest announcement get an additional, painted version of said boost. So far, we only have screenshots, so time will tell whether it sounds and looks as smooth as the Alpha Boost.

Other items are included as well, and a slideshow of them are attached to the official announcement.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports in the coming months to keep up-to-date with what Psyonix is brewing for Rocket League.

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