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After years of waiting, we’re finally on the cusp of getting the Rocket League Esports Shop. Unveiled today, Psyonix shared some details about how the shop works and what we can expect. Unfortunately, it looks like not all RLCS organizations are represented in the shop, but hopefully that will change with time as contracts are sorted out.

The offered items

Initially, the fears were that the offered items would only include the least desired things such as toppers and antennas. Psyonix eased our minds by announcing that the featured items include two decals, one banner, and a variety of wheels per team. This is a very welcome announcement, as these are the items fans desired and hoped for the most.

As mentioned, not all teams are included yet. The missing teams are SpaceStation Gaming, FC Barcelona, PSG, Triple Trouble, and The Bricks (formerly Flipsid3 Tactics). While not confirmed, we can probably assume that the teams who have yet to be picked up by an organization will be represented in the shop later on. Notably, PSG is missing from the list. While it’s understandable that FC Barcelona and SpaceStation Gaming aren’t yet included due to signing a team very recently, PSG has been around for several seasons. Many would have expected them to be included in the program.

How the Esports Shop works

The Esports Shop launches in-game on April 16. Each day there will be six items on offer and refresh at 12 p.m. PST. They are purchased with Esports Tokens, which are sold in packs:

  • 100 Tokens for $0.99 (or regional equivalent)
  • 600 Tokens for $4.99 (or regional equivalent)
  • 1200 Tokens for $9.99 (or regional equivalent)
  • 2500 Tokens for $19.99 (or regional equivalent)

Revenue sharing

With the Esports Shop comes revenue sharing, of course. Psyonix announced that 30 percent of the revenue will go to the organizations themselves. Additionally, another portion will be funneled into a prize pool bonus for the North American and European RLCS players, regardless of whether their team is part of the Esports Shop. Rocket League players from Oceania and South America will have to be patient, as their regions will be included in later seasons.

Are you repping any RLCS organization this season, or are you waiting for different teams to be included in the program? Let us know in the comments!

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