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On July 7, Rocket League will turn seven years old; to celebrate the occasion, Psyonix has revealed the Birthday Ball Event.

The temporary event runs from July 6 through July 19 and lets players unlock items with challenges as well as revisit some of the fan-favorite Limited Time Modes. The challenges will also awards credits for the first time. The in-game shop will be themed after the festivities, including the return of the ever-popular Titanium White Fennec.

Birthday Ball brings Heatseeker and Knockout back to Rocket League

Two of the more popular LTMs are making their return during Birthday Ball: 2v2 Heatseeker (basically standard Rocket League with an aimbot), and Knockout (A PvP mode without a ball or goals) will be available once again from July 6 through 13 and July 13 through 19 respectively.

The former was added in 2020 and has since been one of the most-requested modes to become a permanent feature. The latter was added this year, giving Rocket League a completely new spin by adding abilities like knocking, blocking and grabbing.

As for the challenges, players will be rewarded for doing simple things during games, such as X number of saves or Y number of shots. These challenges will reward credits, items and Golden Eggs, featuring items from Champions Series 1-4.

Fall Guys collaboration

Meanwhile, with it going free to play on the Epic Games Store, a collaboration between Fall Guys and Rocket League has kicked off. By playing Fall Guys, players will unlock items in Rocket League on the same Epic Games Account. Victories are not necessary, but a fair amount of rounds need to be played to unlock it all:

  • 10 Rounds – Colorful Canines Player Banner
  • 20 Rounds – Colorful Canines Topper
  • 40 Rounds – Med. Rare Wheels
  • 70 Rounds – Cluster Buster Decal
  • 100 Rounds – Fallout Boost
Fall Guys and Rocket League are collaborating during the Birthday Ball event
The Fall Guys items in Rocket League | Provided by Psyonix

The rewards can be unlocked between June 29 and July 11.