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The latest Rocket Arena patch rolls out a series of updates making combat changes and competitor adjustments. Furthermore, the developers tease three new game modes scheduled to release in September. In the patch notes, the developers say this patch prioritized player feedback regarding overall combat. Moreover, developer Final Strike Games says there will be more combat changes to come shortly.

Rocket Arena global combat update

Since Rocket Arena’s release, players have given feedback on mid-air movement. A significant criticism was that players felt “floaty” while being shot mid-air or after using the dodge ability. In short, players felt their model remained suspended in the air for too long. To this, Rocket Arena developers say they’ve implemented several quick fixes. The following changes will “allow players to get to the ground faster, giving them one more tool in their combat arsenal.”

  • Dodge low gravity has decreased from 0.65 to 0.6 seconds
  • Dodging out of Hit Stun resets gravity to normal –allowing quicker descent from the air

Changes to Flux, Mysteen, and Jayto

Additionally, Mysteen, Jayto, and the game’s newest competitor, Flux, see massive changes in Update 1.2.


  • Increased Rockats jump radius from 400.0 to 500.0
  • Black Hole Cat is no longer affected by Rocket Magnets
  • Black Hole Cat does not affect friendly Plink’s Skadaddle Ball


  • Card Rocket projectile collision radius increased from 120.0 to 150.0
  • Default Card Rocket AoE damage increased to 20.0
  • Triple burst Card Rocket AoE damage increased to 15.0
  • Increased Phantasm’s default Card Rocket AoE damage to 8.0
  • Phantasm’s default triple burst Card Rocket direct hit damage increased to 8.0
  • Increased Phantasm’s triple burst Card Rocket AoE damage to 8.0
  • Activating Mysteen’s Phantasm now resets her Levitation and her air jump count
  • Mysteen is briefly invulnerable to attacks while activating Phantasm


  • Default Skypiercer Rockets jump strength increased from 1200.0 to 1500.0
  • Triple shot Skypiercer Rockets jump strength increased from 1500.0 to 1875.0
  • Jayto’s max rocket jump velocity threshold increased from 3000.0 to 3375.0
  • Thruster Suit movement speed buff increased from 250.0 to 600.0

New game modes coming soon

Rocket Arena Runaway Megadon Event

According to the patch notes, three game modes are coming on September 9. They’ll extend through the entire Runaway Megadon event.

  • Duel: Face your opponent in a 1v1 mode
  • MegaMuzzle: A game mode where all players use Boone
  • Splat: Players take increased damage

To review the full Update 1.2 patch notes, view the post here.

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