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The Rocket League Championship Series Winter Major, set for March 23-27, will be held at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, Psyonix announced on Sunday.

Since December of 2019, no crowd has seen an RLCS event in person. The first RLCS LAN in two years was held back in December of 2021 without a crowd in Stockholm, Sweden, and now the fans finally get the chance to attend an event once more. The RLCS Winter Major sees 16 teams from six regions compete for a $300,000 prize pool and vital points towards the RLCS World Championships.

The RLCS Winter Major LAN venue

The RLCS Winter Major event is set to be held in the YouTube Theater. Psyonix announced that about 5,000-5,500 tickets will be available. The last time tickets for an RLCS LAN were available was for the RLCS Season 9 World Championships, before the event was cancelled as the coronavirus began to take hold across the world. This event was going to be held in Dallas at the Curtis Culwell Center, which seats approximately 6,800. The event was sold out in minutes, but eventually saw no one actually travel to the venue.

The YouTube Theater has plenty of space for fans to move around while also allowing for some social distancing. The areas of the 6000-seat venue are spacey and with fewer tickets sold than the maximum capacity as Psyonix give itself some breathing room among COVID-19 restrictions. Also, the first three days of the RLCS Winter Major will be played without an audience, while the teams that make the knockout bracket will be able to see the fans cheer them on.

Who’s playing?

So far, only one team has locked in their RLCS Winter Major attendance. NRG have gathered enough points throughout the winter split to lock in their spot. Four other teams from North America will join them, as well as five from Europe, two from Oceania, two from South America, one from Asia and one from the Middle East and North Africa.

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