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As is Riot Games’ annual tradition, it is celebrating the Year of the Tiger by holding a Teamfight Tactics in-game event to reward players just for playing TFT in the new year. TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern is launching during Patch 12.2 and bringing a new slate of Chinese New Year themed cosmetics — many of which players will have a chance to earn for free through the event. Here is a breakdown of how the event works and what players can earn.

TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event overview

The event will start out with one of the new Little Legends, Duckbill, greeting players to the Lunar Legend Festival. From there, players will be given a series of missions where they will be rewarded with various gifts. Some of these missions will be harder than others. For example, a press release revealed that one mission is simply to play the Scrap trait in a game.

The press release also mentioned answering riddles at the end of the event in order to find all of these gifts. The gifts that are mentioned are not in-game rewards, although those are also present. These gifts are moreso things like “a free hug from Chocc,” as stated in the official post. But, by getting a free hug from Choncc, Choncc may give players some in-game rewards.


The new emote players can earn in TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern. | Provided by Riot Games

The rewards list has already been announced in the press release. Over the course of the event, players can expect to earn 180 Star Shards, which are used to level up your Little Legends. Players can also earn one Festival of Beasts 2021 egg, which may contain a Chinese New Year themed Choncc, Shisa or Furyhorn from last year’s event. Also on the list is one Year of the Tiger egg. Like the last TFT event, Skyglass origins, this egg has a chance to contain a Mythic Little Legend. Players will also get a new exclusive Emote, and there is one Festival Firecracker that will either contain one of the three new festival variant Little Legends or Chibi Firecracker Jinx.


For the first time in a long time, there are brand new cute Dango. Like the other two new Little Legends, Dango will have five new variants. | Provided by Riot Games

Out of that Festival Firecracker, the three new little legends are new year’s themed. Players have been requesting a new Dango for a while and they are finally a part of a new Little Legends launch. Joining Dango is Duckbill and Dowsie.

Joining the three little legends, the Chibi Firecracker Jinx and the Year of the Tiger Protector is a brand new arena. The Golden Tiger Market is a traditional Chinese New Year’s themed arena with a twist. Players will have a large audience of Poro’s watching their every outplay and misplay.

All of these items will go live with the TFT Gifts of the Golden Lantern event when Patch 12.2 hits live servers next week.


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