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Teamfight Tactics’ Neon Nights event has been really fun for anyone and everyone playing the dominant six Bruisers, two Scholars composition But it hasn’t been been so fun for those trying to play against it. According to MetaTFT, six Bruisers is the strongest comp this patch, with six Hextech close behind it, and both just got significant nerfs to help make TFT Set 6.5 a bit more balanced.

The 12.4 B-patch hit live servers this evening, nerfing a bunch of Bruisers and the Hextech trait, as well as a slew of other changes. Three Bruisers — Rek’Sai, Sejuani and Zac — all got direct nerfs while Renata and Silco, who were also in the six Bruisers comp, each received their own nerfs. That means five of the eight units in the winningest TFT comp got hit in some way.

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer originally said the changes would come “tomorrow,” but later on, he confirmed that they’d already made it to the live server.

In addition to the B-patch, Mortdog posted the preview for the 12.5 TFT patch notes. In the next update, they’re buffing the Bodyguard and Enchanter traits and adjusting Innovator, Chemtech and Enforcer.

Along with the trait updates, Riot is planning to shift around some of the power in their augments. They’re taking out some of the ones that didn’t get picked, balancing some of the combat-based augments and increasing quality of life for the whole system. They’re doing so by changing some of the requirements to get them, so a player doesn’t get offered incompatible augments.

For Patch 12.5, they’re also planning to buff and nerf a huge chunk of the selectable units. They’re looking at up to 22 unit shifts across each of the costs. Finally, Riot is also looking at four item nerfs, including Radiant Zephyr, Statikk Shiv, Morellonomicon and Sunfire.

Mortdog also included a possible direction for Riot to go for 12.6 and a few bigger updates, but nothing is set in stone yet.

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