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During their 10-year anniversary stream, Riot Games unveiled their shooter game nicknamed Project A. Since then, many have compared it to games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, Riot Games Vice President Greg Street says the two games aren’t part of the same genre.

Project A shooter game

Project A is described by Riot Games as a tactical shooter game, but the comparisons to Overwatch come from the ‘character’ aspect mentioned. Games like Overwatch and Dirty Bomb feature a wealth of different “classes” or heroes, with each specializing in a specific action. In Overwatch, the various heroes are separated into offense, defense, support, and tank roles. Some effects shown in the Project A trailer appeared to be special abilities and different flying weaponry, so fans were quick to assume.

“While we are honored by comparisons between Riot Games’ Project A and Overwatch, the two aren’t really in the same genre,” says Greg Street, Vice President of Intellectual Property and Entertainment at Riot Games. “Project A is a tactical shooter. Lethality is high and you don’t respawn. Map control and gunplay are key. The abilities are more about utility.” With this statement, Street doesn’t deny that characters won’t be similar to Overwatch’s heroes. Instead, he focuses on the fact that Project A will have more of a focus on being a tactical shooter with map control and gunplay lethality.

Riot Games Senior Game Designer Salvatore Garozzo also noted that “Project A is a tactical FPS with characters and abilities that augment gunplay”. Garozzo is a well-known name in the Counter-Strike world, which makes his addition to this shooter game important. This is because he is the creator of CSGO maps like de_crown, de_nuke_ve, de_train_ve, de_lite, and his most popular: de_cache.

Similarly, Project A will get the same level of design that a top shooter esports game like CSGO has. Are you excited for this first-person shooter as a potential competitor to Counter-Strike? Let us know what you think, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Project A coverage.

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