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In the recent edition of Stage of the Agents, Riot Games teased VALORANT’s next agent (possibly Deadeye) and also gave its insight to the current patch changes. This was along with the organization’s future plans with agent balance.

Riot teases Deadeye

While not named in the short blurb about the new agent, Riot did leave a small French phrase “magnifique” to sign off the small update. Deadeye, per his small voiceover appearance in the Fracture reveal trailer, is French.

The developer also confirmed the next agent is a Sentinel that will focus more on gunplay than anything else.

The statement described this as “a Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish.”

Jett, Yoru and Skye addressed

Both Skye and Jett got small hits to their power levels in Patch 3.06. Both nerfs where well warranted, but many in the community thought the nerfs to Jett were a tad light. In the statement, Riot said that it wants to preserve a space for her uniqueness on the VALORANT roster but have seen the disparities her kit can bring in skill level at the upper echelons of professional play. The organization did not address the community’s gripes specifically. However, it did say that reducing her number of Cloudbursts should help take away some of Jett’s safety.

As for Skye and Yoru, Riot said that if the current tweaks made to Skye’s flash are not enough, they will look to give her another hit from the nerf gun. Yoru, on the other hand, has not been touched in recent updates and might not seen any changes for a while.

“We know what we want to do on the design front with Yoru and we’re in the middle of gathering additional resources needed to support these changes,” the statement said.

Outside of those updates, Riot also said it will be gathering data on ability usage for the coming months. It hopes to use that to springboard new updates to the game in the future.