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In a shocking twist of events, Riot Games has revealed their plans for Teamfight Tactics’ seventh expansion before the mid-set update of their sixth one, TFT: Neon Nights has officially been released. In a dev blog video released on Wednesday, Riot Games showcased their development roadmap. The map gives fans and players a look into the future. Starting with their immediate plans that include the release of their next in-game event that launches Thursday, Riot Games also went deep into the future and showed what’s coming in TFT Set 7.

It’s all about dragons

Although the information was brief, there was enough information shown about the new set to get fans and players excited. TFT Set 7 will feature a dragon theme. In the dev video, it was stated that the event set “takes place in the dragon realms, where clans compete for power across various islands, each worshipping their own powerful ancient dragons locked behind the mysteries of dormant shrines.”

On the gameplay front, only one single champion was shown but it appears to be a big one. Illaoi appears with a powerful spell. She has tentacles spawning and covering the entire map as they lash out and attack everyone on the board. The spell only appears to fire once per cast but it’s clear that she will be a premier carry champion, possibly a five-cost.

The video stated that the new set brings together learnings that the teams have gathered across every set up to this point. The biggest one is learning what gameplay mechanics players want. In TFT Set 7, Hextech Augments will be going away. However, the new mechanic is similar. In fact, Craftbrew stated that the Set 7 mechanic “builds upon the communities’ favorite, Hextech Augments.” The reason for this is that Hextech Augments in TFT: Gizmos and Gadgets offered incredible replay-ability. This new set features the importance of replay-ability.

More details will come out at a future date. Also, TFT Set 7 is scheduled to release sometime in the late spring after the conclusion of TFT: Neon Nights.

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