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Riot Games has issued a ban to players “Leisure Loord” and “CONST4RR” for cheating in the DACH, Germany, Austria and Switzerland VALORANT Regional League qualifiers. In an Twitlonger announcement on the VRL DACH: Evolution Twitter account, the league announced the ban and the rules violated in a Twitlonger, communicated in both English and German.

Riot bans VRL players for cheating

The rules the two players violated are 16.2 and in the VRL Rulebook, which deal with competitive integrity and cheating. “Any modification of the VALORANT game client by a team or team member is prohibited. The use of any kind of cheating device or cheat program shall be deemed cheating,” the rule states. The ruling also cited anti-cheating rules in the VRL DACH: Evolution rulebook.

The players competed for the amateur squad ATFinest, who won two qualifying matches before going up against MMix, which has five former Tier 1 VALORANT players. ATFinest lost to MMix in the round of 32 2-0 and would have gone on to play in the lower bracket of the qualifier. Per the ruling, the team they would have played, Team TRUMPS, has received a default win.

The players are also banned on the tournament realm network Gamesports, which the VRL DACH was hosted on. According to one of the cheaters teammates, the player had no idea the others were using cheats.

While the players’ accounts are now banned, they did not have to submit identification for qualification. So, if they wanted to return to the VRL or VALORANT Champions Tour play, they would need new accounts and social profiles. While the Gamesports ban is for life, the Riot ruling stipulated that the two players could return to competition in 36 months from the day it was issued.

This is the second Riot ruling to come out of the qualifying stage this week, as the developer also issued a ban to an entire team in the Vietnam VCT qualifier.

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