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OG Brudders, an organization-less squad competing in Stage 1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour in the Malaysia and Singapore region, have been banned from the rest of the stage for using a known exploit on Friday, according to Riot Games.

The team broke rule 7.2.6 in the global rulebook, which specifies that a team may not be “intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage.” OG Brudders beat their opponent, Inertia, in the groups stage lower bracket after forfeiting their first match 2-1. However, now Inertia will move on to the decider match in the group thanks to OG’s ban from the VCT.

The exploit that the team used, according to caster Ng Zhen “HusKKiee” Chuan, was the jet slide onto the center boxes on C site on the map Haven. Fans may remember that this was the same exploit that FURIA Esports used at VALORANT Champions.

The bug and exploit list that pros must be aware of may be lengthy, but exploits that result in a ban are included with pictures to ensure they are known and avoided in VCT matches. While pros and fans during FURIA’s run at VALORANT Champions, and now, don’t think this Jett mechanic is worth the ban, Riot and the VCT officials have come down on the Asian-Pacific side.

For the rest of VCT Malaysia and Singapore, the group stage will move along as usual. The region has GSL-style groups after an open qualifier stage with the top two teams from each group moving onto the playoff stage. The top three teams from the playoffs will qualify for Stage 1 APAC playoffs. The APAC playoffs start March 11 in a group stage and will determine the two teams from APAC to represent their region at Stage 1 Masters in 2022.

So far, Paper Rex and Bleed eSports have qualified for the Malaysia and Singapore playoffs stage.

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