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Hypixel is one of the most beloved Minecraft modders in the community. They’ve created several great minigames for the sandbox game, including Murder Mystery and SkyWars. They’ve broken records that include being the most popular Minecraft game server. However, Hypixel is ready to strike it out on their own with the release of Hytalea new sandbox RPG they’re developing.

What we know about Hytale

Hytale is an open-world sandbox RPG that expands on concepts Hypixel introduced in MinecraftHytale styles itself in the high fantasy genre, with similar graphics to its inspiration. This means castles, caves, dungeons, and monsters. It also has its own loot system and detailed crafting options. The world will be procedurally generated (created algorithmically as opposed to manually crafted) so that no two adventures are the same.

Hytale will feature a creator mode, allowing players to make their own adventures.

Creator mode for Hytale

Hytale will come with a set of tools for players to create their own worlds and quests. These include game scripting, model creation features, block creation, and even a toolkit for players to make their very own cutscenes. The game describes itself as “Minecraft-esque” but with a ton of extra added features. This gives it endless replayability and should make for exciting player-driven content.

Hytale was in development for years before Riot got involved in the project.

A long time coming

Hypixel has been actually developing Hytale for over three years. Starting as a team of merely two, Hypixel’s grown into a staff of 40 people now. This is due in part to the developers approaching Riot Games (of League of Legends fame) and requesting some consulting about how to go about developing the gameThese conversations fortuitously led to Riot deciding to invest in the game directly. With their help — and the assistance of an angel investor — Hypixel has all the cards in place for finishing and releasing what appears to be a very promising game.

Hytale has no official release date as of now, but Hypixel has opened up registrations for PC beta to the public. Will you play it? Let us know!

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