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Riot Games announced Thursday that it will promote a number of third-party tournaments during the VALORANT OFF//SEASON in the lead up to the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023.

According to Anton Ferraro, the principal public relations strategist for global esports at Riot, the next official season of the VCT will not begin until the Kickoff Tournament in Brazil next February. In the meantime, Riot Games will support several third-party tournaments during the VALORANT OFF//SEASON. The company will advertise these events on its official channels and offer insights to their tournament organizers.

“Over the next few months, we anticipate massive roster changes, speculation from fans on which teams are making the superior moves, and the start of new rivalries,” Ferraro wrote in a blog post. “Our goal is to provide a window for organized competition that will help answer these questions through new content and the freedom for TO’s to experiment with new formats.”


The VALORANT OFF//SEASON will include a number of different kinds of events. These include open brackets, invitationals, and show matches. In addition, different tournaments may highlight professional players, up-and-coming amateurs, and even content creators and influencers.

There will be 24 events in total, with eight events taking place in each of the three regions. Here is the full schedule for the VALORANT OFF//SEASON:

  • September 29-October 13 – TEC Challenger Series (Pacific)
  • October 1 – G4 Rumble (Americas)
  • October 3 – TEN 5_Valorant Korea vs. Japan Showmatch (South Korea)
  • October 3-9 – VALORANT REGIONAL League Türkiye Invitational
  • October 3-November 12 – Crossfire Cup Mediamarkt e Intel (Spain)
  • October 3-December 18 – VALORANT Regional League Dach Evolution: Unity (Germany)
  • October 7-December 11 – Red Bull Home Ground 2022 (United Kingdom)
  • October 13-22 – BME Superdome (Egypt)
  • October 14-November 20 – Valorant India Invitational by Galaxy Racer
  • October 21-November 27 – G-Loot VALORANT Clash (EMEA)
  • October 25-December 4 – Copa Rakin (Brazil)
  • October 27-December 12 – Coupe de France
  • October 28-December 18 – Penta Pro Series (Pacific)
  • November 4 – TEN 5_Valorant Special Match (South Korea)
  • November 5-11 – Spike Series Invitational (Brazil)
  • November 8-13 – BoomTV (North America)
  • November 11-13 – Lyon e-Sport (France)
  • November 21-27 – Vava BTS Sunset (Brazil)
  • November 26-27 – Gwangju Esports Series Asia (South Korea)
  • November 28-December 4 – VALORANT Latam Gods (Chile)
  • November 29-December 4 – Afreeca TV Southeast Asia Invitational
  • December 15-18 – Knights Arena VALORANT Freezeout (North America)
  • December 16 – WGC Rivals – Valorant : Korea vs Japan
  • January 14-15 – Ludwig x Tarik Invitational (North America)

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