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Riot Games has officially announced the first global Teamfight Tactics (TFT) tournament: the Galaxies Championship. The tournament starts on September 3 and will feature players from around the world. Here’s what you need to know.

Who will compete in TFT’s Galaxies Championship?

TFT‘s Galaxies Championship will feature 16 players from different regions around the globe. Players will qualify from different regions through ladder play and various regional tournaments. Here are the regions and how many players they will field:

  • China – three players
  • Europe, CIS, and the Middle East – three players
  • North America and Oceania – two players
  • Korea – two players
  • Brazil – two players
  • Latin America – two players
  • Japan – one player
  • Turkey – one player

The tournament format

Once the 16 players are decided, they will compete in two separate lobbies of eight players. Each lobby will play five TFT matches. Players will earn points based on how they finish in these matches. The first placer will earn eight points, the second player will earn seven points, and so on.

Once these games conclude, the top four players from each lobby will advance to the finals. In the finals, players will play until one player reaches 18 points. There will be a slightly different point spread in the finals also. The first placer will earn 10 points, second place 8 points, third place 6 points, and then it will go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 after that.

The competitors will split a prize pool of $200,000. Here are the following prizes:

  • First place – $40,000
  • Second place – $25,000
  • Third place – $18,000
  • Fourth place – $15,000
  • Fifth and sixth – $13,000
  • Seventh and eighth – $11,000
  • Ninth and tenth – $9,000
  • Eleventh and twelvth – $7,000
  • Thirteenth and fourteenth – $6,000
  • Fifteenth and sixteenth – $5,000

In addition to the main tournament, day three will have League of Legends personalities play TFT games against each other for the first time.

Due to COVID-19, all Teamfight Tactics games will be remote. You can catch the action live starting on September 3.