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League of Legends players will soon be getting a new line of industrial sci-fi inspired skins called PsyOps. Some insiders think they are connected thematically to the ArcticOps skin line—although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Expect the lore to be cleared up when the skin line drops in the main League client’s store.

For now, we know the following champions have had a Matrix-style cyberpunk-slash-soldier makeover added to the Public Beta Environment, or PBE:

  • Ezreal (with a Prestige Edition)
  • Shen
  • Vi
  • Sona
  • Master Yi

If you’re lucky enough to have a PBE account, you can play them all—for free—today. Just expect some bugs and glitches, as this is the testing ground for new League skins, after all.

All the PsyOps skins will feature new VFX lines, animations, recalls, and textures. This will hopefully justify the 1350 RP (around $10 USD) price tag when they launch.

PsyOps Sona will have a special transformation feature upon unlocking her ultimate at level 6 (shown below). She’ll cost slightly more at 1580 RP, or about $12.

Shen, Sona, and Yi will also have 8 new chromas each for these PsyOps skins. As of now though, no portrait art for these skins has been released. So, keep an eye out for that!

PsyOps Sona skin
Picture from Surrender@20
PsyOps Sona skin 2
Picture from Surrender@20

PsyOps skins and more

Also added was a fantastic new Hextech skin for the mad-bomber champion Ziggs. Just look at his shiny little top hat!

On top of all the new skins, the League of Legends PBE also saw added:

  • Three PsyOps themed emotes
  • 12 PsyOps themed summoner icons
  • A God Staff Jax summoner icon
  • One PsyOps 2020 ward skin
  • One Tellstone Ward skin – based around an in-development board game from Riot, called Tellstone: King’s Gambit.

Lastly, the PBE update also featured some new voice lines for Yasuo and updated voice lines for Sona. Enterprising data-miners (there’s always one) also found interactions with a range of as yet unknown future skins. Potentially this means new skins in the works for Pyke, Kayle, Viktor, and Zed.

There’s also an intriguing mention of a skin for an unreleased champion called Samira—keep up with Daily Esports for information on that should it emerge.

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