Riot acquires Hypixel Studios for the development of Hytale
Riot acquires Hypixel Studios for the development of Hytale
Image provided by Hypixel Studios.

Riot acquires Hypixel Studios for the development of Hytale

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Today, Riot Games officially acquired Hypixel Studios for the creation of Hytale. Hytale is an RPG sandbox block game with a wide range of opportunities for players to experience. For example, the game features block-by-block structure creating, minigame servers, dungeons with valuable loot and dangerous mobs, farming role play, in-game movie making, and much more.

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Game development started in 2015 at Hypixel Studios. Meanwhile, Riot has been an investor for Hypixel ever since Hytale’s public development announcement back in 2018. Riot plans to further support the development of Hytale by acquiring Hypixel Studios for future guidance.

Hypixel is also the largest public Minecraft server in the world and includes popular game modes like Bed Wars and Build Battle. That server is run by Hypixel Inc., while Hytale is run by Hypixel Studios.

Therefore, the company has made it apparent that all player stats in the Minecraft server will not be transferred to Hytale. Hypixel’s goal is to create a new standalone game unrelated to Minecraft. More information regarding the relations between the Hypixel server on Minecraft and Hytale can be found on the company’s website.

The current state of Hytale

Hypixel plans to release the Hytale beta during some time in 2021. Many players are excited about the game’s release and have begun creating fan art interpretations of its world. Occasionally, Hytale hosts fan art showcases to show appreciation to its supporters. Beta signups are also available through the official website.

Moreover, as of March 2020, the game has had two new developers join its team for concept art and location designs. Plus, a new mysterious biome for players to explore and AI interactions have been updated. Fans who want to keep up with the development of this new title can do so through their blog posts. Hytale also uploads information for fans via Twitter. You can watch the Hytale announcement trailer below.

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