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There’s a lot of fresh content here with the new Fortnite update, Chapter 2 – Season 7. From payphones and Cosmic Chests, to UFOs and alien invasions. One such alien that’s invaded Fortnite is Rick Sanchez. Rick Sanchez, from the TV show Rick and Morty is now available in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7: Invasion.

How to get Rick Sanchez

This season’s battle pass is a little different than usual. By levelling up the Fortnite Season 7 battle pass, players will earn Battle Stars. Players can then use these Battle Stars for special items. In this way, you can obtain Rick Sanchez.

  1. Log into Fortnite
  2. Head to your Battle Pass tab
  3. Click “Battle Pass” rewards.

Here, you’ll be able to see all the rewards you can buy with Battle Stars. If you’re planning on using your Battle Stars to unlock Rick, then you better be prepared for plenty hours spent in Fortnite Season 7. Not only is Rick unobtainable until higher levels, you’ll need some prerequisites before you can purchase his skin.

Rick Sanchez is available on Battle Pass page 10, the highest battle pass level currently available. In order to get to page 10, you’ll need to be level 90, or have unlocked a certain number of rewards. For example, you can unlock page 6 at level 50, or after claiming 36 rewards. For page 10, you’ll need to be level 90, or claim 90 rewards.

Once you’ve unlocked battle pass page 10, you’ll need some additional things to unlock Rick’s skin. We don’t have all the details on the prerequisite requirements just yet, however we can guess they are similar to unlocking other characters in Season 7. That means you’ll need to unlock page 10 and then claim all the other rewards on page 10 before you can purchase Rich Sanchez.

Other rewards on page 10 are Rick and Morty themed. You can purchase a Rick emoticon, spray, loading screen, wrap, a Hammerhead Morty harvesting tool, Robot back bling, Rick’s UFO cruiser and “The Rick Dance” emote.

Battle Stars and Season 7

There seems to be two major ways to go about utilizing Battle Stars this season. Either spend them all at the start to unlock pages earlier, or save your Battle Stars. If you save your Battle Stars, you can unlock pages by levelling up. Theoretically you can bank all your Stars, unlock page 10, and then spend all your Battle Stars on Rick-themed gear and skins. This Season of Fortnite is focused on choosing your own adventure and the rewards that come with it.

Speaking of rewards, don’t forget to check out how to unlock Superman, Kymera, and Doctor Slone. Whilst Morty hasn’t been announced for this season, could we expect him to show up during the Invasion? Possibly.

Finally, updated graphics are now available for PC players. If you have your graphics settings set to “Epic,” you’ll experience the same visuals as on next gen consoles. Read more about the Fortnite Invasion, including Rick Sanchez, on the Epic Games blog.