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The Pokémon UNITE Twitter account shared details about Pokémon UNITE Weekend, a monthly celebration that will allow players to claim special rewards, on Monday. According to the Japanese Pokémon UNITE website, the upcoming 48-hour event will kick off at 8 p.m. ET on Friday.

Pokémon UNITE Weekend will take place during the first weekend of every month. Currently, it is unconfirmed whether there will be different rewards each month. Nevertheless, The Pokémon Company has provided information regarding what players can expect out of this month’s event.

For two days, players will have the chance to try out every character in the game for no charge, regardless of whether they have unlocked or purchased the Unite Licenses for those characters. As a result, this could be the perfect opportunity for players to try out Pokémon UNITE’s most recent addition, the month-old Water/Fairy-type Azumarill.

Trainers will still need to have a Pokémon’s Unite License to play them in Ranked Battles, even during this event. Nevertheless, players will still be able to try out new characters for free in Standard or Quick Battles.

More about Pokémon UNITE Weekend

Throughout the upcoming Pokémon UNITE Weekend, players will also be able to earn an extra amount of both Aeos Coins and Aeos Energy. During the event, players can expect to receive 100 Aeos Coins from a Quick Battle and 200 Aeos Coins from a Ranked or Standard Battle. Players will be able to accrue up to 1,000 Aeos Coins during the event and there will be a higher cap on the number of Aeos Coins they can earn for the whole week.

Likewise, players will be able to earn additional Aeos Energy from every battle they participate in throughout this event. When using an Energy Boost Tank, players will receive three times the normal amount of Aeos Energy from each battle. This number will go up to six times the normal amount when using the Energy Boost Tank (4x Speed).

Finally, players will be able to pick up Holowear from Zirco Trading at discounted prices during Pokémon UNITE Weekend. As of now, The Pokémon Company has not announced which Holowear cosmetics will be on sale this weekend.

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