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The Pokémon UNITE Twitter account announced Monday that Azumarill will be the next playable character to join the roster of the multiplayer online battle arena. The Water/Fairy-type hailing from the Johto region will be available in-game starting on Thursday.

Azumarill will become the 34th playable character in Pokémon UNITE. In addition, it will be the 14th downloadable character, following behind the recently-released and recently-nerfed Duraludon. Azumarill will also be a Melee attacker and the game’s eighth All-Rounder, meaning it will be a “highly tenacious” fighter with “balanced Offense and Endurance.”

Azumarill’s addition to the game was first teased by the Pokémon UNITE Twitter account on March 25. The character is set to make its competitive debut in the UNITE Championship Series when the Aeos Cup Last Chance Qualifier begins on Saturday. Qualifying teams from this event in Japan and Korea will then compete in the Aeos Cup from April 23-24. The Aeos Cup for all the other regions will take place from May 7-8.

What we know about Azumarill in Pokémon UNITE

Azumarill’s announcement and gameplay trailer shows it attacking with its tail while using its standard moves. One of its specials appears to be Whirlpool, which sets up a cyclone of water around Azumarill and does passive damage to opponents standing nearby.

Additionally, the trailer shows Azumarill using a move that looks like Play Rough. This attack was also hinted at by the announcement tweet. For its Unite Move, Azumarill locks onto an opponent and dashes forward while surrounded by water. Like many other Unite Moves, it appears that using this attack grants Azumarill some sort of buff.

The reveal trailer does not show whether Azumarill will evolve from Azurill and Marill over the course of a battle. In any case, players will find out when Azumarill makes its way to Pokémon UNITE later this week.

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