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Steam leak suggests Smite 2 could release in March

Between code inside the files and a post on Steam, Smite 2 might just be closer than we think.

Dataminers may have just found the most convincing evidence yet that Smite 2 will be released in March 2024, with mentions discovered in the files for the game’s birthday event.

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On January 11, dataminers who have been scouring the MOBA’s files for hints and clues about what is coming next to the game. In the files, dataminers found specific mentions of Smite 2, referencing a “Founders Pack” that is set to become available during the 2024 Birthday event in March.

While not confirmed, these dataminers believe that it will be available to purchase, and could provide early access or “extra content” for an alpha client of Smite 2, something that developers Hi-Rez have done before.

An image of white text on a grey background, referring to a "Smite 2 Founders Pack" available during the 2024 Birthday event.
A Founders Pack was mentioned in the files for Smite’s 2024 birthday event. Image via

To add even more fuel to the fire, Reddit user NIMARSs discovered a post on Steam’s Russian storefront that mentioned Smite 2, saying” Smite 2: Add to Wishlist!” However, when the player clicked on it, the link didn’t work.

Unfortunately, the link was broken. Image via u/NIMARSs (Reddit)

While Hi-Rez has yet to make any official announcement about Smite 2, fans of the series are convinced that we won’t have long to wait for one. The Smite World Championships kick off today, January 12, but what caught the eye of gamers was a one-hour block at 1 pm EST on Sunday, January 14, which is labeled: “To Be Announced.”

This takes place right before the SWC grand finals and would be the perfect time to announce Smite 2, with all eyes on the stream anyway in the run-up to the big match.

Of course, all of this is rumor and conjecture, so be sure to take it with a pinch of salt. Still, if you’re a Smite fan, I would suggest tuning in on Sunday, as we might just be about to enter a new era for the long-standing MOBA.