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There’s been significant speculation about what Respawn is planning for Revenant in Apex Legends. We’ve seen numerous teasers over the past few days that all lead us to believe the Legend will be included with Season 4. However, unlike with Forge, there’s no official information on Revenant. His abilities and background are shrouded in mystery along with the narrative of Season 4. Although, there are leaks that give us some details on Revenant’s abilities. Combined with a hint from Respawn, we may have an insight as to what Revenant’s tactical ability will be.

What is Revenant’s tactical ability?

The robotic Legend has been rumored to be coming to Apex Legends since early Season 2. His images and some information have been in the PC files for quite some time, which is why we have so many leaks. Though, obviously nothing is confirmed through any official channels.

That said, we did get a teaser from Outlands Television yesterday. This is the fictional broadcast that’s backed by Hammond Robotics, which is a prevalent company in the Titanfall universe. Here’s the teaser we got:

At first, no one in the community knew what this could be. But as usual, the fans of Apex Legends came together and were able to decipher the hint within a matter of hours. When you stitch the images together, this is what you end up with:

Photo Credit to AunixYT on Reddit

While not completely certain, this appears to be Revenant’s hand holding some kind of spherical object. According to leaks, that object is a poison bomb, which is also supposedly his tactical ability. This poison bomb works similarly to Caustic’s gas bomb, in that the player throws the bomb and it affects a certain area for a specific amount of time.

None of the above information is confirmed, but it does seem to add up when discussing everything we know about Season 4.

What do you think the image could be? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends coverage.