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Today is pretty wild in Apex Legends. Adding actual freaking dragons to the game wasn’t enough for Respawn. They dropped a preview of the Season 2 weapon changes. Read on for a full breakdown!

Buffs and new hop-ups for weaker weapons

The Alternator and RE-45 can equip Disruptor Rounds, which increase their damage versus shields. The Mozambique and P2020 get Hammerpoint Rounds, which do more damage to health. The new attachments will distinguish the former set of weapons as armor-shredders and the latter as finishers. This is very thematically fitting for the Mozambique in particular.

Apex Legends RE-45 legendary skin

We still don’t know how rare these hop-ups will be or how big of a damage difference they make.

Additionally, Respawn has buffed the Alternator, Flatline, Triple Take, and P2020. We will know the specific details with the release of Season 2 of Apex Legends on July 2.

Ammo changes for energy weapons and shotguns

The Havoc, Devotion, and Triple Take will not be able to equip extended magazines. That was a very needed change in the case of the Triple Take. As for the Havoc and Devotion, I can only imagine the base magazine size will be decreased. Both weapons currently have end-game-sized magazines from the start.

Energy ammo stacks will now hold 80 rounds each, like light and heavy ammo. The easy ride is over for shotgun users, however. Shotgun ammo stacks are being reduced by 75 percent. Starting with Season 2, players will have to spend some extra backpack slots to keep that Peacekeeper fed.

Apex Legends weapon changes Season 2

Arc stars redesigned

This next change is making arc stars simultaneously more and less dangerous. Their explosion delay is increased from 2.5 to 2.8 seconds, and the explosion no longer deals 100 percent shield damage. However, the primary target damage has been increased enough to down them even if they are at full health.

That means the new arc stars will be less of a grenade and more of a dueling weapon. It should reward a steady aim even more than before.

New gold weapons

Apex Legends players are familiar with the gold weapons found in hot drop zones. They are unique fully-kitted versions of some guns, like the Havoc and the R-301. For Season 2, Respawn is adding brand new gold weapons.

The spawn rates of air-drop weapons will also change. Kraber sniper rifles will drop more in the early and mid game. Meanwhile, late game drops will more frequently feature Mastiffs. This is certainly a change aiming to accommodate the fact that gunfights get tigher and more intimate as the ring closes.

Speaking of air-drops, Respawn also revealed details about the upcoming L-Star EMG. Watch out for our full breakdown and preview later today.

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