Respawn dev says Kings Canyon loot will improve with Apex Legends update
Apex Legends Kings Canyon loot Respawn update
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Respawn dev says Kings Canyon loot will improve with Apex Legends update

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Fans of Apex Legends have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming week. The Old Ways lore event is arriving on Tuesday, April 7, introducing a new game mode, Bloodhound’s Town Takeover, and a plethora of cosmetics. However, Respawn will also introduce a new update with the event that’s set to bring some big changes. We don’t know every change that’s coming, but a Respawn developer has confirmed one alteration, and it has to do with the loot on Kings Canyon in Apex Legends.

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Kings Canyon loot boost

Since the beginning of the Ranked play second split, fans have complained about the loot pool. Compared to World’s Edge, it seems like Kings Canyon doesn’t offer nearly enough useful items to compete in a Ranked game.

Professional players and members of the community have expressed this sentiment for a while now. Although it isn’t one of Apex Legends‘ biggest issues, it does somewhat ruin the experience of Ranked. However, it appears this will change with Tuesday’s update, according to a Respawn developer.

One of TSM’s star players, Albralelie, was expressing his concern over future professional tournaments being played on Kings Canyon. Currently, the online events are played on World’s Edge, which has a much better loot pool.

Amid this back-and-forth of tweets, though, Josh Medina, an Apex Legends producer, confirmed changes are coming to Kings Canyon. We don’t know specifics as of yet, but this most likely means that the amount of common loot will be reduced. Also, we should see an increase in usable weaponry and a better variety of meds.

The update should arrive at 1:00 p.m. ET on April 7 for all Apex Legends players. Hopefully, Respawn does enough to return Kings Canyon back to its former glory.

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