Respawn buffs Bloodhound's ultimate ability in Apex Legends

Respawn buffs Bloodhound’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends

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The most recent Apex Legends update most notably introduced the Grand Soiree Arcade Event. However, there was also a slew of bug fixes and meta changes that came along with it. Among these changes were buffs and nerfs to certain Legends, some of which were quite controversial. Though, there was one subtle change to the tracker Legend Bloodhound. More specifically, Respawn made an alteration to how his Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability works. Now, players who activate the ultimate ability can see some useful information on the playing field.

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Bloodhound’s ultimate receives a buff

While not the most popular for competitive play, Bloodhound is still a widely used Legend. There are certainly abilities more useful than his, but for beginners, Bloodhound is a perfect fit. Being able to see where enemy players have been is helpful for players of all skill levels.

Although, Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability was slightly lacking. While you could see enemies and their footprints, it wasn’t a huge upgrade over his passive ability. Many players have been asking for a buff to the ultimate for quite some time.

Well, ask and you shall receive, as Respawn slightly buffed Beast of the Hunt with the last Apex Legends update. Reddit user th3professional was among the first to notice this modification.

Haven’t seen this anywhere on the sub yet, but Bloodhound can now see shield colors in their ultimate! from apexlegends

As you can see, the different rarities for each item can be seen in vibrant colors. This is especially helpful with shields since they’re one of the most important items you can pick up. A subtle change, but an extremely helpful one nonetheless.

To expand on this, some players are asking Respawn for the ability to see enemy shield colors while using Beast of the Hunt. Although, that seems unlikely as it would make Bloodhound’s ultimate pretty overpowered.

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