Reports: FaZe Clan VALORANT team set to sign Rise core
Provided by FaZe Clan.

Reports: FaZe Clan VALORANT team set to sign Rise core

POISED, Shanks and supamen will join FaZe Clan

According to a report from Dot Esports, FaZe Clan are set to sign three players from Rise, including Kevin “POISED” Ngo, Phat “supamen” Le and Ryan “Shanks” Ngo.

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While the players only managed a 1-4 record in Group B of the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Challengers 1 tournament for Rise, FaZe Clan did not even qualify. Their next goal will be to change that for Challengers 2, after Stage 1 Masters: Reykjavík.

Three players moving from Rise to FaZe

The three players moving teams, brothers Shanks and POISED and teammate supamen, all made their marks on Rise. Their 2021 VCT season was a bit of a rollercoaster with highs and lows. Some of the most notable moments included finishing top four in Stage 3 Challengers 2, as well as second in the Last Chance Qualifier for Champions in 2021.

As a team with connections from both family and nationality ties, chemistry helped lead them to those LCQ finals. They did lose to Cloud9, who ended up as the best NA team at VCT Champions that year after both Sentinels and Team Envy underperformed.

With a strong end to their 2021 campaign, 2022 started off slow. Despite some good moments, the team only won one game after qualifying for the Challengers 1 group stage. While this was happening, reports came out that Rise were looking to sell their roster. As it seems, after their first tournament of 2022, the team is indeed splitting up. According to George Geddes, POISED and supamen will join the roster while Shanks will become a content creator/substitute for FaZe.

FaZe Clan’s future

With these signings, FaZe’s roster is a bit crowded. As of right now, after POISED and supamen join the roster, FaZe will have seven players under contract. The question of what will happen to Rise’s VCT qualification points if they disband, with some online speculating that they may transfer to FaZe since they have three of the team’s former players on it.

According to Dot Esports reporter Max Katz, those points would give FaZe a bye to the Round of 32 in the next open qualifier.

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