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After discussing contract talks with other VALORANT teams, a report from Dextero states that Mehmet Yağız “cNed” İpek is likely to re-sign with Acend. This comes not long after cNed chose not to extend his contract with Acend immediately after winning Champions, as his teammates did. When doing so, cNed reportedly wanted to look at the market and what other teams he could join, but it seems that he will stay with Acend after all.

cNed reportedly staying with Acend

Acend’s win at VALORANT Champions was the cherry on top of a great season for cNed. After winning Stage 1 EU Masters, he cemented himself as a star duelist and Jett player. After winning tournament MVP, the only thing necessary for Acend to win it all internationally was to shake off the ‘onliner’ marker that other teams gave them. cNed himself proved to be good offline or online, but was their best player at a mediocre showing at Stage 3 Masters in Berlin.

When Acend made it to Champions, they won a controversial game to Vivo Keyd and then proceeded to win every match afterwards. CNed got another title. He was instrumental in their offline play for Champions the same way he was at Berlin. However, this time around, his team stepped up against tough opposition to win it all. As they won the first-ever international Champions tournament, four out of the five Acend players re-signed for the future. The final one who hasn’t is cNed, looking around in both NA and EU to see if he wanted a change of scenery. Yet, according to sources close to Dexerto said that “he’s expected to re-sign with the org.”

Acend aim to run it back in 2022

While Acend didn’t have the most dominant season in 2021, their peak proved to be better than any other team at Champions. With cNed staying, their roster would be exactly the same as their 2021 season, as their coach Laurynas “Nbs” Kisielius also re-signed. The only question mark remaining if cNed stays is if they can replicate what they did at Masters 1 and at Champions. However, re-signing with the organization means that cNed can help prove that Acend won’t be losing their spot at the top any time soon.

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