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Realm Royale patch OB22 arrives in just under a week, and as always, it is big, bold, and a little weird. Patch OB22 is called “BokOps,” and it brings a ton of 80s vibes with its mix of military and sci-fi-themed cosmetics.

The patch is a trip back in time in another way: it brings back the third ability slot. That’s right, for only the second time in Realm Royale history, players will be able to use three abilities in their matches. Normal abilities are now classified as either Offensive or Support. Every player can equip one of each in addition to their Movement ability.

The Fungal Jungle compound is also getting a major face-lift in Realm Royale OB22. Similar to the Guntown redesign from earlier this year, the area is more open to vertical movement. There seem to be some good new spots to ambush and flank through as well. The patch notes mention that the area should be more loot-rich, too. In other words, prepare to hot drop in the big purple patch next week.

Realm ROyale ob22 bokops update patch

Realm Royale OB22 is bringing some much-needed buffs to the Shotgun and the Turret, two of the least-loved items in the game. The Turret is upgraded across the board: longer range, higher DPS, lower cooldown. For its part, the Shotgun is getting some utility perks, with better accuracy, more ammo, and baseline Knockback.

Hunter and Warrior players will notice some slight tweaks to their abilities and talents. For example, Gladiator’s cooldown reduction is now only 25 percent. Perhaps the only substantial change is in how Proximity Trap will work in the next patch. The Trap will no longer do damage, instead slowing the movement speed of enemies hit for 4 seconds. This will help Hunters land those Blast Arrows better.

You can check out the full Realm Royale OB22 patch notes in the official Hi-Rez post. The update goes live at the start of October.

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