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Battle royale games are historically plagued by cheaters. Apex Legends has been battling hackers since launch, sometimes through unorthodox tactics. PUBG has had such a severe problem with cheaters that a server lock had to be implemented. And in the past couple of weeks, it seems Realm Royale has started to catch up to the big guys.

Speed hacks

More and more players are reporting instances of cheaters in their Realm Royale matches. While the game definitely had an infestation at launch, it wasn’t an overwhelming one. As a relatively small contender in the battle royale arena, and with matches often semi-populated by bots, it perhaps wasn’t as attractive to cheaters. However, it seems the situation has changed.

Irrefutable evidence of cheaters using speed hacks. from RealmRoyale

Over the last couple of weeks, many players have reported encountering blatant hacking. In the video above, you can see Twitch streamer Radd_Blaster demonstrating the futility of playing against cheaters. Speed hacks, like the ones used by the cheaters in the video, are the easiest to spot. Players have also reported running against aimbots, which are are more difficult to verify and arguably even more problematic.

What’s next?

It seems the issue of Realm Royale cheaters is rapidly getting worse. Hi-Rez has not made any statements on the matter, but we imagine they are aware of it. How they go about it is another story, however. Eradicating the hacker population in any battle royale game is no easy task. Realm Royale is a free-to-play game, which means simply banning accounts does nothing.

Realm Royale battle chicken Hi-Rez

More permanent solutions are needed to actually prevent cheating. Respawn has previously deployed methods like IP bans and even hardware bans in Apex Legends, with varying levels of success. For the time being, if you encounter cheaters in Realm Royale, you can use the online support tool to report them.

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