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Realm Royale developer Hi-Rez showed off a lot of what’s on the horizon in today’s OB20 update preview stream. The next Battle Pass will have a Heaven-vs-Hell theme. As always, it will feature a lot of cool new cosmetics, including the demonic chicken you see below. You can review the community patch notes summary on Reddit while we wait for Hi-Rez’s official release.

Realm Royale chicken cosmetic

The Eternal Conflict

The next Battle Pass will feature of slew of demonic and heavenly cosmetics, the majority of which unfortunately leaked on Reddit a week ago. The OB20 update, which will arrive alongside the Battle Pass, is loaded with balance changes and quality-of-life improvements. It also features a healthy amount of bug fixes, including a patch for the critical window vaulting bug.

For players concerned they won’t be able to finish Realm Royale‘s current Battle Pass on time, fear not! Hi-Rez announced they will hold a triple Battle Pass experience event this weekend.

Lifesteal rune nerfed, Shredder redesigned

The balance portion of the OB20 update changes will be tight but focused. Proximity Traps will deploy 50 percent faster, only taking a second to ready. That should make the ability more responsive and reliable. It will also help players who like using it as a grenade rather than a trap.

Everyone’s (least) favourite gun, the Shredder, is getting a pretty big change in how it works. Its rate-of-fire will be increased, and with it its baseline DPS. However the weapon will no longer do additional headshot damage. This effectively makes it Realm Royale‘s definition of a spray-and-pray weapon. I am personally very excited for this new, more noob-friendly Shredder.

The Eternal Conflict is coming to Realm Royale and with it come cool new cosmetics and a devastating new ability!

Finally, the Lifesteal Rune will be nerfed heavily, lowering lifesteal from 30 to 15 percent. Most players would agree that, in its current form, the Lifesteal rune is very strong. Finding one gives the lucky player an almost unfair edge in Realm Royale, where loot distribution is heavily randomized. This nerf is certainly a welcome change.

New ability: a flaming, bouncing, homing missile!

You cannot hide from OB20’s most interesting addition: the Skull of Chaos! This new ability fires a projectile which bounces off surfaces and automatically homes in on nearby enemy players. If another enemy is close to the first one hit, the Skull continues to bounce between them.

Unlike its name, this ability is not at all chaotic and will prove very reliable in most engagements. It has no class-specific bonuses and should work miracles indoors or when outnumbered. More importantly, due to its bouncing-homing nature, you can lob it around corners to target players you can’t actually see.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Realm Royale updates and news!

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