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Esports and traditional sports continue to unite, and this time football meets FIFA 20 for a common goal. A report confirms that England and Manchester United attacker Marcus Rashford will team up with Fnatic’s Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt. The two players will feature in the #GotYourBack campaign charity stream.

Fnatic Tekkz and Rashford stream plans

They will both play FIFA 20 on the stream on Jan. 23 to raise funds for UNICEF and also spread positivity in gaming. There have been complaints of toxic behavior of people in games and the gaming community. The stream aims to create awareness and fight toxic behavior and cyberbullying. Fnatic’s Tekkz has already won one FUT Champions Cup and looks to win even more in the FIFA 20 Global Series.

Rashford said the following about this event:

I have experienced the effects of toxic online behaviours myself, I know what that feels like, so partnering with UNICEF and Fnatic to promote positivity in gaming was a no-brainer for me.It’s important our platforms are used positively to offer a voice to causes and, in this case, children, who sometimes struggle to be heard. I’m very happy to provide that.

Fnatic continues to break ground and expand the world of esports. Their decision to partner with UNICEF shows a commitment not only to esports but humanity at large. Fnatic also took to Twitter to announce its partnership with UNICEF. The esports giant stated that several charity schemes would come from this teamwork.

Fnatic COO Glen Calvert stated that part of the goal is to tackle the problem of online toxicity in gaming and also build a safer community. Already, a lot of FIFA fans are buzzing about this news and looking forward to seeing Marcus Rashford’s skills against the hot Tekkz. As Tekkz himself is a massive Liverpool fan, it is going to be a virtual Liverpool vs. Manchester derby.

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