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During the EA Play stream on Thursday, Respawn confirmed that the highly-anticipated Apex Legends Arenas ranked mode is part of the game’s upcoming season 10.

Fans have wanted a Ranked mode for Arenas since it debuted in Season 9’s Legacy. Arenas is the Apex Legends version of CS:GO and VALORANT. It takes many features from the popular titles and puts a unique spin on them. Up to this point, though, it’s only been a casual playlist. This hasn’t necessarily satisfied Apex fans’ hunger when it comes to game modes. They want a Ranked mode and Respawn is delivering soon enough.

Ranked Arenas coming to Apex Legends next month

EA announced that Season 10 is dropping sometime after August 3, and that Ranked Arenas is coming with it.

Apex Legends director Chad Grenier didn’t reveal how the ranked Arenas mode is going to work during the stream. However, it’s safe to assume that the ranking system will work similarly to how regular Ranked works in Apex Legends. There’s currently a hidden MMR system in Arenas, though, so that could also play a role in how players are ranked.


While this means players have been facing off against opponents of similar skill, there’s no reward for winning other than the satisfaction and XP bonus. When the Ranked mode drops, players may receive some kind of reward based on their end-of-season rank.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has no exact release date as of yet, but sometime during the week of August 2 seems like the safest bet based on the current information.