Rainbow Six Siege: New gameplay footage for Operation Grim Sky

Rainbow Six Siege: New gameplay footage for Operation Grim Sky

Over the past week, Ubisoft has teased the two operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the Operation Grim Sky update. In case you missed it, the operators are a defender, Clash, and an attacker, Maverick. The teaser trailers provided for each operator only teased their potential (hence “teaser”) without offering specific gameplay details.

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Now that the Six Major event in Paris has found its champions, we’ve also received all the details we were promised on Operation Grim Sky in a posting from Ubisoft. For starters, Clash is, in fact, outfitted with a riot shield crafted by Zeus himself. Okay, not seriously, but the shield has been imbued with lightning powers to repel the onslaught. The built-in taser ejects a jolt of electricity that deals only a small amount of damage while slowing down enemies. The taser does recharge. However, Clash doesn’t have the benefit of using her sidearm while her shield is up. She will have to put the shield away in order to “go on the offensive” with her firearms.

Maverick, on the other hand, performs exactly as I (and likely others) suspected. Equipped with a blowtorch, Maverick can burn holes through all breakable walls and barricades to create vantage points for himself to have the drop on unsuspecting enemies. Maverick can burn holes large enough to pass through, but it will eat up all of his fuel. Tactically-speaking, Maverick’s ability can be used to eradicate enemy gadgets and is the stealthiest option for breaching reinforced walls.

Check out the gameplay footage below see both of these new operators in action.

And as always, check back frequently for the latest on Rainbow Six Siege!