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FaZe Clan has kicked co-owner Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat out of the FaZe house. The drama began with a video from Rain regarding his mental breakdown on issues involving the organization. In his 7-minute video, he said he barely generated money and had no support. Rain then deleted the video once it gained traction, but that didn’t stop the social media speculation. FaZe owner Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston then responded to fans who accused the organization of mistreating Rain and covering up deeper issues.

On May 28, Rain tweeted “Kicked out of FaZe House/ All fair sad boy energy too high.” The tweet was then flooded by fans showing concern over his mental health and the state of the organization. After some time, he stated it was his fault as to why he was kicked and apologized to “everyone [he] hurt.”

At his “breaking point”

In his initial video of his mental breakdown, Rain said, “Everyone’s stupid hypothesis about what’s going on with me, it infuriates me.” He expressed that social media misrepresents who he is. His problem lies with fans who assume he’s rich, to which he claims he is far from it: “I’m negative $300,000 from FaZe. I have never ever gotten a dollar from this entire company.” Fans were shocked to hear he only receives money from his brand deals. “FaZe has given me zero.”

Alongside his rant over his lack of income, he stated he has no support from friends or family. “I have not a single soul to talk to, so I tweet.”

Twitter repercussions

Rain then deleted the video, but it didn’t stop fans from showing support and kindness over his current state of mental health.


Some tweets weren’t so nice, though, and many people blamed the organization for failing Rain. One fan accused Banks of kicking him out due to the mental breakdown.

Since then, Rain has taken responsibility for what was said and stated that he “will be better.” Recently, he apologized for being sad, which caused his followers to show him love and support rather than the criticism he used to receive.

The mental health of esports professionals is increasingly coming to the forefront. Earlier this month, the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association called for awareness of mental health issues after players showed signs of stress and burnout. Of course, the issues surrounding Rain seem like a build-up of stress and more.

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