Quadri Shopping Center essence container location in MW3 Zombies
Quadri Shopping Center essence container MW3 Zombies
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Quadri Shopping Center essence container location in MW3 Zombies

Complete Essence of Aether with ease

While the Essence of Aether mission in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies might seem easy enough, it’s one of the more challenging missions throughout the three Acts. You are required to locate three different essence containers, but the game doesn’t offer much indication as to where to find them.

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One of the essence containers you need to find is located in the Quadri Shopping Center, which is not marked clearly on the Zombies map. Like the other two containers, though, the one in Quadri Shopping Center is located right near a major POI in Urzikstan, so that’s your starting point. You can see exactly where to find the Quadri Shopping Center essence container in MW3 Zombies in the guide below.

Finding the Quadri Shopping Center container for Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies

The Quadri Shopping Center is located to the west of Zaravan City in the southwest part of the map. This location will usually be in the Low Threat Zone, but it’s close to the Medium Threat Zone, so you might see some tier two zombies. The shopping center is a large area that has small shops spread out across several bigger buildings. You can see its exact location in the screenshot below.

The location of Quadri Shopping Center. Screenshot via GuidingLight on YT

In the shopping center, you’re looking for a small shop located in a shack that sells sandwiches. This is located to the north of the shopping center right in the middle of the bigger buildings. If you manage to find the shack, you can find the Quadri Shopping Center essence container located on top of a desk next to a cash register. Once you find the container, simply hold the interact button near it and you will complete the Quadri Shopping Center objective for the Essence of Aether mission.

The location of the Quadri Shopping Center essence container. Screenshot via Upcomer

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With that out of the way, you can either move on to the next mission in Act 2 or find the remaining essence containers. I have written guides on how to find both the Hamza Bazaar and Rostova Shops containers if you’re still struggling with Essence of Aether.

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