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Twitch streamer QTCinderella has announced an upcoming award show for livestreamers, appropriately dubbed The Streamer Awards. The event is scheduled to take place in Hollywood on March 12.

QTCinderella, a streamer for TSM FTX, will co-host the event alongside falconer and fellow Twitch streamer Maya Higa. The Streamer Awards will take place in person, red carpet and all. Viewers will also be able to watch the event live on QTCinderella’s Twitch channel.

In addition, QTCinderella confirmed some of the COVID-19 precautions that will be in place for The Streamer Awards. She said that all guests for the in-person show will receive a COVID test at the door. If any guest tests positive for COVID-19, they will be asked to leave, along with their entire party.

What to expect from The Streamer Awards

Nominations are already open for The Streamer Awards. Fans can nominate their favorite streamers in 28 different categories through Feb. 13. Afterward, the final nominees will be chosen and the voting phase will take place in the month leading up to the event.

The official website for nominations notes that “only appropriate nominations for the award category will be considered.” As a result, fans should only nominate their favorite streamers in categories for types of content that they regularly stream.

The types of content represented range from casual to more esports-focused. Here are all of the categories for The Streamer Awards:

  • Best battle royale streamer
  • Best role-play streamer
  • Best League of Legends streamer
  • Best FPS streamer
  • Best Just Chatting streamer
  • Best VTuber streamer
  • Best strategy game streamer
  • Best ASMR streamer
  • Best music streamer
  • Best chess streamer
  • Best IRL streamer
  • Best speedrunner
  • Best Super Smash Bros. streamer
  • Best Minecraft streamer
  • Best sports streamer
  • Best MMORPG streamer
  • Best VALORANT streamer
  • Best political streamer
  • Best philanthropic streamer
  • Best variety streamer
  • Best streamed event
  • Stream game of the year
  • Best content organization
  • League of their own
  • Rising star award
  • Legacy award
  • Gamer of the year
  • Streamer of the year

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